Secured by CleanTalk

This website is secured by CleanTalk services, we are using “Site Security” and “Anti-spam” services of CleanTalk.

1. Site Security:

This function from CleanTalk is a part of a cloud security service that protects/prevents your website from online threats and provides ultimate security features to protect your website. It will provide you detailed security stats for your website and suggest you major changes. The security logs are stored in the cloud for 45 days. Moreover, the plugin adds firewall to your website protecting it against threats and malware.

Top Security Features Of  WordPress Plugin

  • The firewall filters access to your site based on IP, networks or countries.
  • It provides web application security firewall along with security malware scanner with antivirus functions.
  • The website is scanned for malware automatically.
  • It stops brute force attacks to hack passwords and find WP accounts.
  • You can limit login attempts to prevent hacking.
  • It also offers additional protection for WordPress Login form and WordPress backend.
  • The reports for scan are sent daily via email.
  • You can conduct security audit anytime and monitor real time traffic.
  • Your site stays free from malware ensuring no Google penalties.
  • The site owner can enable two-factor authentication anytime on login.

2. Anti-spam:

You could also check the “Spam Statistics” here CyberSecurity Reports of Spam Attacks

This feature is relatively new to CleanTalk. What it does is actively prevents spam bots from even visiting your website. When a visitor comes to your website, this firewall checks the IP details from CleanTalk’s database containing over 5 million spam IPs. If the IP is marked as spam, it will be blocked and instead of showing your website’s contents, a blank page will be shown.

If the spams attacks are in large numbers, this will significantly reduce the load on your web server. It also protects against DDoS attacks and RPC-XML attacks. Furthermore, the firewall gives access to logs to help you monitor the service work.

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