Cheap SSL at

Freegetssl ( is a platform that collects free SSL certificates, allowing users to apply for one-year or 90-day free certificates from various brands.

Here are some key points about Freegetssl:

  1. Free SSL Certificates: Freegetssl offers SSL certificates at no cost. Users can obtain certificates from the following brands:
    • Let’s Encrypt
    • Zerossl
    • Sectigo
    • CertCloud
    • Rapidssl
  2. Certificate Types:
    • Single Domain: Freegetssl provides one-year and 90-day certificates for single domains.
    • Wildcard/Multi-Domain Wildcard: Users can get certificates that cover all secondary domains under one primary domain name.
  3. Multi-Year Automated SSL Certificates:
    • Freegetssl supports multi-year SSL certificates (e.g., 3 years, 5 years) issued at once, with later exemptions from verification.
  4. Quick Issuance:
    • Certificates are issued within 10 minutes, making it convenient for users.
  5. Pricing:
    • Single Domain (1 year): $6.00
    • Single Domain (3 years): $7.50
    • Single Domain (5 years): $12.00
    • Wildcard (1 year): $46.00
    • Wildcard (2 years): $76.00
    • Wildcard (3 years): $107.00
  6. Why Choose Freegetssl?:
    • Brand Variety: Freegetssl supports multiple free SSL brands.
    • API Interface: Provides an API for integration.
    • 24/7 Support: Online and invoice application support.
    • Domain Security Detection: Ensures site security.
    • Quick Verification: Certificates issued in 5-10 minutes.
    • Applicable to Different Domain Types: Suitable for various use cases.

Freegetssl aims to make SSL certificates accessible to everyone, promoting secure communication over the web.